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    GRAZZE & George Bloom Deliver Impressive EP, ‘In Our Hearts/Hesze’ [Zerothree Records]

    One thing I love about Zerothree Records is that they have a knack for showcasing amazing talent. Their latest EP is no exception, as they welcome GRAZZE & George Bloom for their impressive EP ‘In Our Hearts/Hesze’.

    GRAZZE seems to inject a real sense of magic across his records; very much an artist that completely respects and understands melodic construction. “In Our Hearts” is the lead track really showcases his musical abilities using hypnotic synth-lines, gritty, driving bass tones and a mesmerizing vocal hook that glides in and out of the track. 

    “Hesze” follows and provides a darker, club like tone. George Bloom steps in to add his unique take and absolutely nails it. This one is progressive at its finest and an excellent collaboration between the two talented artists.

    ‘In Our Hearts/Hesze’ from GRAZZE & George Bloom is a great EP and hopefully the start of many more collaborations between the artists. Stream it below!

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