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    PREVIEW: What To Expect In Tonight’s CNN Democratic Debate

    CNN’s New Day invited Karen Finney, Joe Lockhart, and Paul Bagala on this morning to discuss what we expect to see in tonight’s Democratic presidential debate.

    Karen Finney said she expected an “interesting dynamic” play out between Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, but she said what she thought most voters were looking for: who’s the most presidential.

    She said people will want to see a president on the stage, someone who can pass the commander in chief test, “given what’s been happening in Iran, given the polls we’ve seen, people are still very concerned. They’ll be saying is this someone that can take on Iran, do they have a plan? How do we revive America’s relationships around the world?”

    Paul Begala said candidates should not try to reinvent their Iraq war vote. He said aides should tell Biden not to look in the rear view mirror, but to look forward. “The most important way to conclude every answer is, ‘And that’s why I can beat Donald Trump.'”

    Joe Lockhart said the person who wins the debate will be the one who rises above and sees the real fight is about keeping Obamacare and protecting Social Security. “The real fight is Trump.”

    Tune in tonight at 9 pm EST on CNN.

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