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    Song Review: Nu’est – Let’s Love

    Nu’est have been models/spokesmen for character-based business Spoonz since 2018, and that occasionally results in a CF song that harnesses their cuter, more cheerful sound. This collaboration began with the genial I Don’t Care, and now we have Let’s Love – just in time for Valentine’s Day. I usually prefer Nu’est’s brighter side (Love Me remains a 2019 standout), but there’s a point where “light” becomes “lightweight.” That’s where we find this new track.

    Taken apart from its fan-service video, Let’s Love is as inconsequential as it gets. Over acoustic guitar and gentle hand claps, the guys offer a relaxed, amiable performance that draws occasionally on harmony. It’s a warm sentiment, but the melody is nothing to write home about. As with almost all of Pledis Entertainment’s releases, this is a Bumzu co-write, and feels like a song that could be buried on the second half of any album from the agency’s artists.

    I do like the blasts of brass that pepper the chorus, though I wish they would have inspired a more spontaneous arrangement. Let’s Love feels very indebted to the template of what this style of song should sound like. As such, it fails to distinguish itself from its many peers. Fortunately, Nu’est are pros of the industry, and manage to imbue the otherwise dull production with a spark of personality. It’s not enough to make Let’s Love anything but a passing fancy, but I’m sure it’ll be a nice ‘hands swaying in the air’ moment at their concerts (if they’re even allowed to perform a CF track in that setting).

     Hooks 7
     Production 7
     Longevity 7
     Bias 7
     RATING 7

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