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    Yung Joc Spotted Driving For Ride Share App In Atlanta

    A video of Yung Joc driving for a ride share app similar to Uber and Lyft is circulating online and we have obtained unreleased clips of the full video. 

    In the video which took place on Thursday morning in Atlanta, you can hear the passengers telling the driver that he looked and sounded familiar, and that’s because the driver was Yung Joc. One of the passengers, J’Koni, goes on to ask Joc why he’s driving for the app Pull Up And Go, and proceeds to tell him that he “fell off”. 

    Joc responds by saying that it’s an easy way to get some easy money, adding that he gets to meet a lot of people from doing so too. 

    The passenger, J’Koni, exclusively tells us this about his “fell off” comment to Joc: “He actually didn’t react how I thought he would he just basically was telling me thats my problem if I feel he fell off for having multiple streams of income.”

    We’re definitely here for any black man doing what he needs to do to continue making money legally.

    Peep the full video below:

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