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The Logo

Taste The County LogoLogo designed by Geoff Heinricks, Consecon

The stylized Loyalist Coronet or Crown and Ear of Barley are elements taken from the Coat of Arms, granted to Prince Edward County in 1989, and adopted by the new Corporation in 1998.  The simple, solid lines are designed to give immediate recognition, making it easy to use at very small or large reproduction sizes. The simple design also allows for other colours, or gold stamping or other decorative uses.

The Crown is a Loyalist Crown, with alternating Canadian maple and British oak leaves. It also immediately says "Prince". It encircles the Ear of Barley like the waters of the Bay of Quinte and Lake Ontario surround the County. The Crown also tells visitors they should expect to be treated like Royalty!

Barley Ear
The fine old brick houses and villages in the County were built with the wealth of Barley. Many of these now operate as Bed & Breakfasts, Inns or small shops.  The Barley Ear also says this is a special agricultural and rural area, as well as echoes the most common meaning of "Taste" -- without slighting the many producers of apples, asparagus, tomatoes, cherries, corn, potatoes and other excellent foods still grown here.   Also bread (or some grain product) is often given guests or newcomers in some countries to say "Welcome".